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The local economy is based on agriculture. The municipality is comprised of eight townships,  each 36 miles square. Land quality is mixed, with better soils generally west of the Arden Ridge. The municipality has approximately 200 commercial farms that, generally, produce grains, oilseeds, pulses, cattle and pigs.

Arden has a population of approximately 150 people living in 75 to 80 households.       

Arden offers potential for small businesses to establish and enjoy the benefits of self-employment in trades and professions. The lifestyle of a small rural Manitoba community gives small business the chance to succeed that is not available in larger urban centres. Costs are low for doing business and living here. Additional benefits include a slower pace of life, a safer environment and a highly integrated, stable community that ensures a chance to prosper and enjoy life.

Arden is centrally located in southern Manitoba. It is 5 km (3 miles) north of Canada's national highway system on a newly paved, all-weather highway. The Trans-Canada Yellowhead Route (Highway #16) cuts east-west through the region and provides convenient access to markets across Canada.

Arden is approximately 15-minutes’ drive from two local service centres on the Yellowhead Highway, Neepawa and Gladstone. Neepawa, population 4,000, has a bustling, full-service economy with many small and medium-sized businesses. Gladstone, population approx. 1,000, has basic services and commercial activities suited to the area